This ceremony began with the18th term of the NUAC Hawaii Chapter in 2018 expressing the local Korean community’s gratitude for the Korean War veterans living in Hawaii. Veterans and their families were the guests of honor. Influential figures including Hawaii Governor, US Congresswoman Tulsi Gabbard, Colleen Hanabusa, and former Honolulu mayor Mufi Hannemann, and the US Veterans Affairs officials in Hawaii were also invited. The veterans were recognized for their sacrifice and hard work during the Korean War. The evening was a reaffirmation of the meaningful ROK-US Alliance and included a traditional Korean meal and numerous testimonials. The sacrifices of veterans and their families during the Korean War shall never be forgotten by the Korean community. In addition to direct exchanges with veterans and their families, the NUAC Hawaii Chapter reinforced cooperation and good relations with the veteran associations in Hawaii.
For the 19th Term, the NUAC decided to commemorate the 70th anniversary of the Korean War. Due to the COVID-19 pandemic and geographical layout of the Hawaiian Islands, the Korean War veterans could not be easily reached. Therefore, the NUAC, HI Chapter decided to personally deliver memorable gift packages to each veteran’s home on Oahu, Maui, and Kauai and to mail gifts to veterans on the Island of Hawaii. Veterans’ gift package consisted of handwritten thanking letters of the NUAC members, personal care kit, Korean traditional wine, ginseng tea, Korean snacks, K-Drama DVD, and a special edition booklet and video presentation commemorating the 70th Anniversary of the Korean War. Hawaii Governor David Ige, Ambassador Harry Harris and Consul General Kim, Choon-goo are among us to appreciate the veterans by joining in the booklet publication and video presentation. About 200 gift packages were delivered to veterans throughout the State. The reply letters from the veterans who received the package were overwhelmed with their emotion and their remembrance. This comprehensive effort was extremely successful. NUAC Hawaii chapter was grateful for the opportunity to express gratitude to so many war heroes. This further enhanced the value of public diplomacy and awareness of the peaceful unification on the Korean Peninsula.